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Gerhard’s drink of the month

For whiskey connoisseurs -and those who want to become one – this classic leaves nothing to be desired. One would think that the cocktail’s strong ingredients are not for sensitive palates. But this is not the case, because despite the high percentage of spirits, the drink is easy on the tongue. ”You could search endlessly for small nuances; this variation of Manhattan has such complex and multi-layered flavours”, says Gerhard. According to our bar manager, it is “the perfect aperitif for putting us in a good mood”. Mixing a spirit with vermouth instead of juices was an absolute speciality at the time of its invention and therefore literally on everyone’s lips after a very short period of time.

There are numerous myths about the origin of the Manhattan cocktail. The most plausible one for us seems to be that George Black, the owner of the “Manhattan Inn”, invented this cocktail in the 19th century. Whether the name Manhattan comes from the owner himself or from other bartenders remains a mystery. In this sense, cheers to Mr Black and his drink from Manhattan – the “Manhattan”!


Dry vermouth

Red vermouth

Rye whiskey

Angostura bitters

Orange zest


We wish you a lot of fun mixing!