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Friends and Fools – WTF?


It’s big.

Farm and garden. Culinary Lab and Cookery School. Bakery, Charcuterie and Fromagerie. We’re tapping into our agricultural heritage – and our culinary future. We are building a community that goes far beyond our family, including our young generation.

We are looking for Friends and Fools.

For people who want to participate in – and benefit from! – our vision on an emotional, intellectual, sensory and very practical level.

What’s the plan? With the purchase of a package you will receive vouchers, redeemable for hotel stays, Chef’s Table, Rote Wand Stuben, Rote Wand Shop, exclusive events and much more over the course of five years. And you will become a member of Friends and Fools with many more benefits like discounts on hotel rates (ranging from 1 to 4% depending on package), Early Bird invitations to our events (cooking workshops with international top chefs and wineries) and many more wonderful, exquisite things. You can be sure we will go the extra mile, just like our chefs – with head, heart, hand and guts.

These are also the names of our packages.

We are working on our vision with all our senses. We chose the package titles…

  • … because our vision is our brainchild – and because we want to attract like-minded, forward-thinking people with a good head on their shoulders. Culinary Lab, Cookery School – for the #HEAD
  • …because we create things every day – on our farm, in the garden, by #HAND
  • …because we love what we do and do what we love, from A to Z, with all our #HEART
  • …because our vision takes courage and because all the treats from our Fromagerie, Charcuterie and Bakery will give you – and us – the best feeling #GUTS

Package „Head

€ 10.000 (redeem € 2.000 per year, get 4 % discount on hotel rates)

Package „Hand“

€ 7.500 (redeem € 1.500 per year, get 3 % discount on hotel rates)

Package „Heart“

€ 5.000 (redeem € 1.000 per year, get 2 % discount on hotel rates)

Package „Guts“

€ 2.500 (redeem € 500 per year, get 1 % discount on hotel rates)


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