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I used to be a “Dirndl”

How to turn old clothes into new accessories.

This story begins in 2001, when the World Ski Championships were being held in St. Anton and Rote Wand was responsible for catering. At the time, we decided that all the staff should be given new “Dirndls” — very special dresses based on a traditional Bregerzerwald costume, but with a very simple and modest cut.

They were tailored for us by Sonia Zimmermann from Lech, who runs the highly recommended store Lenai
& Linai. The “Dirndls” were a nice attraction, but after the World Championships we hung them up again — only to come across the beautiful pieces later and wonder what we could do with them.

Twenty years later, we had a brilliant idea. Together with Heidi Sutterlüty- Kathan from the “Weiberwirtschaft” agency, we launched the “Ich war ein Dirndl” campaign, an aesthetic upcycling project. Heidi took the beautiful fabrics and reworked them into bags, rucksacks and placemats. Each “Dirndl” is completely recycled — and thus given a new life.

You can find all “Ich war ein Dirndl” products in our store or online.