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The Walch Family

The Rote Wand is a place of social interactions. Joschi Walch, for one, is always there. You can easily recognize him because he’s a man of considerable stature. But even if you can’t see him at any one moment, you can always hear Joschis voice – even when he’s silent.

A dinner service without his orders wouldn’t feel right. Later on, at the bar, when there’s an opportunity to chat with him, the conversation sparkles like newly fallen snow. Joschi loves the tireliness in his hotel, and if he’s just standing there and looking out onto the valley, you can be sure that a good idea is coming down to him from the slopes right then, an idea that only Joschi can see.


is family and his family is our family. Nataschas smile is legendary – it is part of the furniture at reception and sets the tone of friendliness for the guests coming into the hotel through the red vestibule. Every now and then Alma, the vizsla, also adds her welcome (it sounds a bit like WOOF-come). But the dog is more likely to just be standing in front of the door to Joschis office, wanting to go in and sit on his lap.


The boss. She knows what’s important. Perfect timing together with the broadest smile in the establishment – all the while keeping an eye out for any pain points.

But what does family really mean? It means the past and the future, not just the present, coming together in one place: here at Rote Wand.

Magdalena, Josef-Martin & Valentin

are the next Generation.

Josef sen. & Burgi Walch

whose wedding photo is hanging in the living room, founded the Rote Wand. Their story has shaped this place, right up to the present day.

Josef sen. passed away in August 13th, 2020. Rest in Peace.