The Chef’s of the Rote Wand

Our new chefs bring a breath of fresh air to the Hotelrestaurant, the Rote Wand Stuben, as well as to the Rote Wand Chef’s Table!

Anyone who decides to spend a holiday at the gourmet hotel Rote Wand has already taken the first step to the summit of delights. Since this season, our guests are greeted by a blowing a fresh, culinary wind from four new kitchen teams around their noses.

It smells of anticipation!

Max Natmessnig | Gourmethotel Rote Wand

Max Natmessnig

Chef, Chef's Table, Schualhus

Florian Armbrust | Gourmethotel Rote Wand

Florian Armbruster

Chef, Hotel Rote Wand

Christopher van Abelen | Gourmethotel Rote Wand

Christopher van den Abeelen

Sous Chef, Hotel Rote Wand