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Attention cooking fans and all those who want to become one! The Rote Wand Cookbook is finished and ready for delivery from 27 October. It has 400 pages of all the recipes from all the kitchens in the house. Order now at!

Why have we written a cookbook? Because we love food. Rote Wand is a centre of culinary excellence. A place where, day after day, we try to cook the best fried chicken and the best beef goulash in the area. It is not without reason that the Rote Wand today is one of the best gourmet hotels in the Arlberg region. This has a lot to do with Joschi’s parents, Josef and Burgi Walch. Even then, it was important to cook with integrity.

From tavern cuisine to the fine dining restaurant

Joschi’s declaration of love for Alpine cuisine

The Rote Wand harmoniously offers various concepts of cuisine, which we would like to present on an equal footing in this book. It is about all the meals of the day. From refined breakfasts to traditional tavern cuisine, which is served in our parlours, to the exquisite hotel kitchen which spoils our guests with six courses daily, and the drinks at the hotel bar. At the end, there are the recipes from our Rote Wand Chef’s Table fine dining restaurant in the Schualhus, where we show that we know how world cuisine works – in a tiny village at the end of the Arlberg mountain range.

I can hardly hide the fact that good food is a personal passion of mine. I go to great lengths to get a personal impression of what the best restaurants in the world are currently working on, what fascinates them and where they are heading. Every year, I get on a plane to try out somewhere in the world what creative minds and hungry entrepreneurs have just come up with – Joschi Walch

Roast bread with tomato and Good King Henry pesto

Home-picked by Natascha, the head of the house

Good King Henry is a spinach-like plant that grows wild all around the Rote Wand. Natascha enjoys going for walks and collects all kinds of plants and flowers – some for table decoration, others for the kitchen. She once brought Good King Henry back from one of her foraging trips, and we have been making pesto from it ever since, which perfectly preserves its fine, bitter taste.

Eggs Benedict

Our favourite.

The sensation of Eggs Benedict is the mixture of the sour hollandaise and the runny egg yolk. Classically, the egg is freshly poached. We use “onsen eggs”, which we cook at 63 degrees for one hour, using the sous-vide method. By the way, a sous vide stick doesn’t cost much – and it can also make life in the private kitchen much easier. The English muffins that are served with it are one of the chef’s firm favourites.

The pluck

À la Florian Armbruster

The ingredients for our pluck come from animals that have lived in the immediate surroundings. The basis for a good pluck is the roux, which we have refined according to our recipe – with capers and anchovies – Florian Armbruster, Chef de Cuisine at Rote Wand

Pea tartlet

by Max Natmessnig

I love peas. I especially like the combination of peas and mint, which we add to this snack with shallots and wild peas that we find while searching for herbs in the forest” – Max Natmessnig, Chef de Cuisine at Chef’s Table 

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(c) Ingo Pertramer & Christian Seiler