Gourmet fans watch out!


Chef Max Natmessnig has been admitted by “A la Carte” into the “Squad of Five-Star-Restaurants”. Awarded by incredible 96 points, the Rote Wand Chef’s Table is now one of the top Players in the Gourmet scene.


Who would have thought that this hotspot would be situated in a small village like Zug am Arlberg? But this is exactly what makes the Chef’s Table, managed by the young Austrian Max Natmessnig, so special and a unique experience for everyone. The cooking is done with regional products as he thinks poorly of kitchen trends. Although his CV has been characterized by international experience – he has learned from the best – he does according to A-la-Carte editor Christian Grünwald “what he would also do in any other region: working with the best products from there”. The cooperation with regional partners does not only lie close to Max’s heart, but also to Joschi’s, the host of the hotel Rote Wand. Therefor there is no room for sea fish at the Rote Wand Chef’s Table. And yet it doesn’t get boring even after 18 courses. I would say it is the perfect place for palates who have already tasted everything – or not!

Only live it’s better…Here are some impressions of the Rote Wand Chef’s Table

However, how come that such a young talent as Max Natmessnig, who is “perhaps the greatest cooking talent of Europe”, according to a swiss journalist, has now found his place in the Schualhus of the Rote Wand in Zug? Anyone who knows Joschi knows about his passion for the international foodie scene. As a great gourmetfan he likes to travel around the globe to visit all the gourmet hotspots. And it happened in New York! Joschi was so enthusiastic about Max Natmessnig’s extraordinary cooking that he simply “took him with him to Zug”. We are proud to have him in our team!


We congratulate Max and his great team on this outstanding performance!


To many more taste explosions at the Rote Wand Chef’s Table!


Victoria Schneider

Rote Wand Marketing