Rote Wand People

Personalities in person

“My name is Annabella Helpferer, I am 20 years old and I am part of the Rote Wand reception team. After I successfully completed the commercial college in Bludenz, I decided to do a two-year apprenticeship as a hotel and hospitality assistant”  – Annabella Helpferer 

Why I ended up here at the Rote Wand at the Arlberg?

I come from Braz which is not far from here and I have always wanted to work at the Arlberg. For me the Arlberg was the perfect place for my apprenticeship. I liked the website of the Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel so I send my application to them. A short time later I was part of the Rote Wand team. My apprenticeship at the Rote Wand began in the summer of 2017. At first I was part of the service team and after a while I went on to the reception. From time to time I was assigned to Marie in the accounting department where I was able to gain instructive experience. Last May I successfully completed my apprenticeship.

My daily working routine?

My workday usually starts at noon at 12:00. Then I welcome and place guests in our Rote Wand Stuben. Afterwards I am responsible for the arriving guests. That means I am responsible for both the check-in and the rooming. In the evening you can find me either in the service or placing guests in the Schualhus. My working day normally ends at 9.00 pm.

What I like about the Rote Wand?

That we are a great team, not only within the reception but also across departments. In addition, the guests of the Rote Wand are very friendly and uncomplicated. Humanity and open interaction with each other is really lived out by the people and the Rote Wand which is delightful. I really like the job as a receptionist every day brings along new situations where you have to respond to. My tasks range from table bookings in the back office to daily contact with guests.


– Skiing
– Cycling
– Travelling
– Hiking
– meeting friends
– enjoying being outside

What I like most about Lech / Zug am Arlberg?

Since I was little I came here to the Arlberg. With my family I spent many weekends in the Zug valley hiking or barbecuing at the Lech River. I have lots of good memories of the past and therefore I feel very comfortable here. The surroundings around Lech and Zug are simply wonderful and invite you to do sport and relax at the same time!