Safety in Lech Zürs

Dear guest,

we can well imagine that it is your desire to enjoy an untroubled and safe 2020/2021 winter holiday. We feel the same way. It is our goal to ensure that your holiday is carefree and features the best possible protection for your health.

Last summer season, we already had the opportunity to gain valuable experience in dealing with this special situation. Using these learnings as a foundation, we have been able to work out a set of measures in recent weeks and months in collaboration with a safety expert specially committed to Lech Zürs and all our local partners. This will be valid for the entire region and is supported by all those involved. Only with a joint and comprehensible approach can we achieve our declared goal: the highest possible safety and hygiene standards for all involved with the least possible restrictions for your holiday experience. Below, please allow us to give you a brief overview of how we will ensure that you feel safe during your stay with us in Lech Zürs.


Best possible conditions…

More time, more space – This claim has represented our region well for almost two decades now, and for good reason. Today, however, this sentiment takes on a whole new meaning. After all, now more than ever, Lech Zürs stands for quality before quantity, for spaciousness and space. Keeping a safe distance is easier here.For your holiday in Lech Zürs am Arlberg, we recommend that you download and activate the official “Stopp-Corona” app. More information is available here: information office, where a mask that covers the nose and mouth must be worn, has already equipped with Plexiglas panels.Keeping a safe distance is easy thanks to floor markings.

Precise preparation…

An official Covid-19 Commission has been set up in Lech Zürs to deal professionally with the current situation. Supported by a safety expert who also works with the Vorarlberg State Government, the commission meets every two weeks to evaluate the measures taken and adjust them if necessary. In the following, allow us to give you a short and clear overview of what these currently look like:


Guest tests

You can have a PCR rapid test done in Innsbruck or Dornbirn for a fee before you arrive. The results will be made available within 3 hours.

If symptoms occur during your stay or you need a current PCR confirmation for your employer after your holiday, a test can be done in Lech for a fee.


Employee testing

On a weekly basis, employees of commercial enterprises, ski lifts, and ski schools can have themselves tested on site. Thus far, this programme has been very well received with an average of 300 tests per week.

Entrance tests are planned for all our employees who arrive in autumn and also for their school-age children.

In principle, our employees are trained in such a way that they also comply with the usual distance and hygiene regulations in their private lives.


Traffic light regulations

The traffic light system introduced by the Austrian Federal Government ensures maximum safety for the people living in Vorarlberg and all our guests. By using the colours green, yellow, orange and red, the system governs which prevention measures are to be observed at the district level. For you as a guest in Vorarlberg, however, the traffic light regulation of the Vorarlberg State Government is decisive: It offers you even more detailed orientation and makes it clear which regulations apply in your specific holiday destination or holiday region. More info is available by visiting The traffic light system is purely a control and prevention instrument designed to protect one and all. It recommends measures for specific regions or institutions: including the wearing of face masks covering mouth and nose, safe distance rules, restrictions on the number of people, testing, tracking, etc. The recommendations help to minimise the risk of infection to a great extent. The traffic light colours give no indication of any travel restrictions. Travel recommendations or warnings for certain countries are determined by the government of your country of origin. We therefore ask you to please inform yourself about this before your arrival.


Ski resort

The cable car association is currently working on Austria-wide Covid-19 regulations that will be published as soon as possible.A mask that covers the nose and mouth must be worn before and during the journeys in the cable cars and in public areas.Keep sufficient distance even while wearing a mask that covers the nose and mouth.Stay at home at the first sign of illness.

Avoid forming groups.

Keep sufficient distance to strangers.

Use existing disinfectant dispensers.

Take advantage of contactless payment if possible.


Ski schools

Ski courses can be booked online on the websites of all ski schools.

Children’s ski school lunches will be regularly coordinated with businesses (Lech ski school and Oberlech ski school) and while visiting the restaurant all current regulations will be observed.

At the meeting points appropriate measures for more space and temporal equalization will be taken. The ski schools (Lech, Oberlech and Zürs) are well prepared to implement current regulations and will be happy to provide you with more information.


Bus transport

Five additional buses will be available in winter 2020/2021 to avoid crowds. Thus, the bus fleet of the municipality of Lech will be expanded up to 30%.

At peak times dedicated safety officers will ensure that procedures are calm and orderly.

Masks must be worn while queuing and on the bus itself.


Restaurants and accommodation services in general

The current distance and hygiene rules apply everywhere and are implemented accordingly by all companies in Lech Zürs.

The past months have taught us that the comprehensive ability to contact trace is paramount in avoiding collective quarantine. For this purpose, we recommend that all guests, locals and staff use the STOPP Corona App from the Red Cross or register in restaurants.

As in normal years, après-ski will take place in Lech Zürs, though outdoors if possible with assigned seats. These open spaces will be additionally expanded for the coming winter and adapted in terms of distance and hygiene regulations, including plexiglass partitions on and between the tables.

Unfortunately, there will be no nightlife in bars and clubs as in normal years this winter. Under the current regulations, however, there is nothing to stop you from going to a restaurant.

Many of our restaurants have offered to make their food available to go during this special time.



All winter events are currently being checked for feasibility with regard to safety measures.

The ‘Fantastic Gondolas’ event will not take place this winter season.


We do our utmost to offer you the best possible protection for your health.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in winter!