The Arlberg – a paradise for ski tourer

Via Rauhkopfscharte to Zürs

Sunshine as far as you can see, lots of powder snow and fresh air! The weekend has given us a lot of vitamin D, so Magda, Jakob and I set off in the early morning to enjoy the day to the fullest!

With full anticipation of the upcoming day we took the bus from Zug to Lech to get to the Rüfiplatz. Then we took the Rüfikopf gondola up the mountain. The snow glittered everywhere, it was cool and the anticipation of all skiers was palpable. After a short safety check we made our way towards “Ochsengümple”, where we put on the skins. Once down there, we first enjoyed the pleasant silence. Away from the hustle and bustle – as if we were now immersed in another world. Nevertheless, we did not hesitate for long, and quickly got ready for the ascent as it was super chilly. A few hundred meters ahead there was a group of skiers, so luckily there was a track already. The track was perfectly laid out, so the ascent was very pleasant. Through a lane we went higher and higher up towards Rauhkopfscharte. Again and again I stopped for a short time to take in the beautiful winter landscape around us. Not a single cloud could be seen far and wide, only a few small planes flew over us.

The tour to the Rauhkopfscharte is perfect for ski tourers who have some experience with it but don’t want to burn off energy. The ascent takes about one hour. First we cross a flat plain, then we continued up through a lane, only at the last part of the ascent it gets steeper. You should practice kick turns on the flat, so that the last part before you reach the Rauhkopfscharte can be mastered without problems.

Hiking up to “Rauhkopfscharte”

On the last few metres, the sun flashed through and the anticipation of the upcoming ski descent increased with every step. Jakob was the first to reach the top and after only a few minutes we also reached the finish. Now it was time for some photos! After some minutes we continued towards the direction of “Eisenscharte”. This is located about one hundred meters further west of the saddle. The group in front of us decided to descend towards Krabachtal, so that they could then reach Zürs via the Stuttgarter Hütte. Our route led over the Eisenscharte directly down towards the Pazüeltal / Zürs. After we had packed the skins, we started our way down.

At the top, the snow was a little bit carried by the wind, so we decided to leave some gaps. Already after a few meters the kettle opened and the snow became more and more powdery. Turn by turn we waved over the fresh snow with a big smile on our faces. After a short stop to review the descent, we drove through the Pazüeltal out towards Zürs. Of course we were glad that the day went so smoothly. Back on the ski slope we went towards Madloch. There was a lot going on on the slopes around Lech and Zürs. We were all really hungry and couldn’t wait until we finally arrived at the Balmalpe. To finish our skiing day up there was, as always, wonderful! Besides the delicious pizza on the mountain, we could enjoy the unique mountain panorama around Lech Zürs!

Run down to “Pazüeltal” | Zürs

Highest altitude point: 2415m | duration ascent: approximately an hour | no refreshments | skitouring equipment as well as good skiing skills are required