The “Steinerne Meer” (“Sea of Stone”) is situated around 2 km east of the Formarinsee (Formarin Lake) at an altitude of between 2050 and 2100m. It is hard to imagine but everything was once under water here.

It is a while ago now but there are signs dating from the area’s approx. 200 million year old past throughout the Karst rock: fossilised coal, shells from sea creatures, ammonites and much more can be admired here. Taking a few steps out across the Steinere Meer is also a must – provided you have sturdy shoes and steady footing.


During the summer months, you can take the ‘Formarinsee’ walking bus from the hotel doorstep to the Formarin Alp bus stop. The tour starts out from the Formarinsee Alp, following the signs south-east to the ‘Steineres Meer’.

VFrom here, the route runs beneath the Formaletsch west to the Freiburger Hütte. After a well-deserved refreshment break, then continue along the gravel path around Formarinsee and back to the Formarin Alp bus stop.