Mountain summer in Lech

If you want to experience the mountain summer in Lech up close, there is one thing you shouldn’t miss – the sunset at the Mohnenfluh summit at 2,542 m.

The Mohnenfluh can be found in the middle of the Lech mountains. The summer days in July are particularly suitable for this mountain spectacle. So a few days ago, we set off for the summit in the evening to take in the day’s last rays of sun. From the Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel, it is only a few steps to the marked hiking trail. We first walked over flat terrain above Zug (1,500m). After about fifteen minutes, we reached the goods road, which we then followed through the Zugertobel ravine up to Kriegersee and on towards the Mohnenfluhsattel mountain saddle (2,315m).

There was already plenty to see here, such as the “Gipslöcher” (“gypsum holes”), a fairytale-like hilltop landscape with a variety of humps and curves, numerous marmots, which constantly made their presence known with loud whistles, the golden eagle circling high above us and the breath-taking mountain landscape, whose peaks glowed in the red evening sky. Step by step, we approached the saddle, which is only a few metres above the Steinmähder mountain station. Once we reached the top, we took a look down to the left towards the Butzensee Lake. The mountains were impressively reflected in the deep blue of the high mountain lake.

Towards the sun

After a short break, we hiked uphill to the summit, along steep, serpentine trails over rock and scree. The sun hung low above the mountain ridges of Vorarlberg, bathing them in a rich orange. At the summit of the Mohnenfluh (2,542 m), we enjoyed the wonderful panoramic view and waited eagerly for the upcoming spectacle of colours.

Shortly after sunset, we put on our headlamps and set off again towards home. Darkness fell quickly and the sky above us was soon lit up with stars.


This challenging mountain tour requires sufficiently warm clothing, good footwear, a functioning headlamp, sure-footedness and experience, as well as tasty food and drinks. The climb from the Mohnenfluh saddle to the Mohnenfluh summit is only recommended for experienced hikers.


Time 4 hours

Maximum altitude: 2,542 m

Altitude metres: 1,042 m