Spices from the Bregenzerwald!

Frau Kaufmann’s love for cooking was practically put into her cradle. From an early age she was allowed to look over her mother’s shoulder as she cooked. According to Frau Kaufmann, to be able to cook well every day, you need the best ingredients.  That is why she works almost exclusively with regional and seasonal products. And if Frau Kaufmann does not produce spices in her own spice workshop, she is most likely to be found collecting herbs somewhere in the Bregenzerwald or in her own cookery school. Meanwhile the assortment covers approximately 20 spice mixtures, 10 pure spices, as well as their vegetable broth for soups. With these miracles cooking is made easy!

From salty, spicy, sweet to piquant – you are prepared for all flavours!

Organic Seewinkler Chili | Fleur de sel | Organic Pink Berries | Curry

The spice mixtures are available at the reception!