Rote Wand Shop


Shopping queens & kings – watch out! We have a hotel shop! There, you will find a fine selection of home-made dishes with ingredients vo:dô (from the region), as well as high-quality products made with great attention to detail.

We have listed the top sellers of the Rote Wand Shop for you. But be careful! Don’t be surprised if you fall in love at first sight. You won’t be the only ones.

Beef goulash from Zug beef

Our “gourmet in a glass” should also bring you back memories of us after your vacation. For gourmet indulgence at home, we recommend the beef goulash in a glass, made from Zug beef, or, for example, the vegetable curry with fresh vegetables from the Vetterhof organic farm. We get the best organic meat from happy cattle at the Waldhof in Zug, with which you can perfectly prepare this powerful ragout. Little effort, lots of pleasure – to enjoy yourself or as a souvenir for home.

Jam from the region – vo:dô

For those of you with a sweet tooth – have you ever tried our Rote Wand chocolate fondue? Or felt the fruity taste of home-made blackberry jam with selected winter berries from Dornbirn on your taste buds? No? Then it’s high time for the delightful delicacies, freshly prepared at the Rote Wand.

Our varieties: apricot | blackberry | strawberry | blueberry | raspberry | cherry

Rote Wand Granola

Taste it, love it! The crispy organic spelt and oat granola is suitable as a healthy muesli for breakfast, as a topping for yoghurt or simply for nibbling on as a snack.

Rote Wand Chocolate Fondue

Melt away: The Rote Wand chocolate fondue, where sweet connoisseurs get their money’s worth. The combination of chocolate, cream and rum makes a perfect symphony.

Incidentally, did you know that Josef Walch Sen. was the first person in the Arlberg to offer fondue at the inn? In winter, you had to order three to four days in advance at the Rote Wand, otherwise you simply wouldn’t have been able to get a table at all. Even today, a fondue evening in our Rote Wand parlour is still a culinary highlight in the Arlberg.

Fruit syrups from the region – vo:dô

Refreshing, home-made fruit syrups with ingredients from the hotel’s own garden. Specially cultivated and harvested mint and elderberry flowers are processed into delicious fruit syrups.

Our varieties: mint | elderberry | raspberry

Resa Wants

Resa Wants is a cosmetics product line, a “child of the mountains”. It contains the herbs that can be discovered in the Arlberg region. Be it lemon balm, arnica, the big yellow gentian, the yellow sweet clover or – oh yes, St. John’s wort, the wild carrot or the yarrow. In Resa Wants, only the best of the mountain comes into play. You can find further details here.

  • Resa Wants Lotion
  • Resa Wants Soap
  • Resa Wants Handwash

Bregenz Forest Incense Bowl

The natural, untreated bowls are made in the Bregenz Forest in Vorarlberg by Petra Raid. In 1992, she gained her first experience with the “Raku” material and seven years later, Petra fulfilled her wish of having her own workshop, where she has been working with clay and offering courses ever since. Together with the herbs of Anne Marie Bär, who, like Petra, is at home in the beautiful Bregenz Forest, this incense bowl works like a miracle.

Incidentally, the incense mixes are available in the Rote Wand Shop.

Susanne Kaufmann body care products

Uncompromisingly natural. Susanne Kaufmann organic treats is a pure, natural cosmetic product that works with the power of the Alpine plant world. The proportion of active plant ingredients from wild collections and organic farming is especially high in this product line. The natural ingredients are processed in the most sustainable way and under the strictest production methods.

  • Shower Gel
  • Hand Soap
  • Hand & Body Lotion
  • Conditioner

Lenai & Linai

One of the most beautiful shop windows of Lech is located near the New Parish Church in the centre of Lech. In this small but fine shop, fashion lovers can expect timeless clothing that can only be discovered here on the mountain. The fashion label was founded by Sonia Zimmermann from Lech. In an interview, she reveals what makes a successful garment and why the individual plays such an important role in her designs.

Lenai & Linai is now also available for purchase in the shop.