With love from Lech.

Resa Wants is a cosmetic, a product of the mountains or as we say a piece of Lech. It contains the herbs that can be discovered around the Arlberg region. Be it balm, arnica, the big yellow gentian, the yellow melilot or – oh yes, the wild carrot or the yarrow. Only the best of the mountain gets into the products of Resa Wants. The wonderfully fragrant products are available in the small but excellent hotel shop of the Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel. We spoke to Miriam Wolf, the founder of Resa Wants.

“The soap and lotion should be more than a pure cosmetic. Resa Wants is much more about a feel-good product that reminds us of the Good Times of Lech” – Miriam Carina Wolf 

Resa Wants has been initiated by a lively, natural and creative young woman. Could you tell a little something about yourself?

To be honest, till recently I had nothing to do with alchemy and cosmetics. I have been involved in the hotel business for a long time now. Admittedly, I’ve always been very much guided by my intuition and can build on my distinct gut feeling. My name is Miri Wolf, I am 39 years old, married and have a little daughter of 2 years. Together we all live here in Lech, surrounded by the beautiful Arlberg region.


You grew here in Lech and run the Hotel Alpenfluh. How did it come about that you have produced soaps and have founded your own business lately?

Since I have a strong affinity for beautiful things and since we are constantly renovating and renewing our house with great sensitivity, I finally felt the need for a cosmetics line that also meets my high standards. After a short time, other hotels were also interested in the local product, so to me it was obvious to start a small business.


How would you describe our home?

We live here in a partly still untouched environment, which, if you take advantage of it, gives you an incredible amount of mental and also physical strength. Especially in the early morning, when everyone is still asleep, my way leads me towards Zugertal – at any time of the year. The silence, the clear, pure and fresh mountain air as well as the occasional encounter with an animal in the wild bring relaxation on all levels.


How does the product line differ from others?

It’s not just the origin of the ingredients we focused on, but also the regionality of production, from product to packaging.
The fragrance should be remembered. It was supposed to enchant everyone, but still remain discreetly in the background so that you can still use your favourite cosmetics. The story behind it is real – that was very important to me. In addition, the products are appealing furnishings that everyone likes to place at the washbasin.


Many thanks, Miriam, for the nice conversation!