How about Postcards instead of boring WhatsApp news?


Our newly designed postcards of the Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel are made by the talented Lecher Markus Fetz and we are very excited about it! The professional graphic artist worked at Raiffeisenbank Lech before he decided to study. There, many of his colleagues soon noticed that his drawings, which he had designed just for fun, had great potential. So he decided to study graphic design in Vienna, where he gained his inspiration and experience. His numerous projects show that he has never lost touch with his hometown of Lech. Many illustrations by Markus have already been used as covers for magazines such as Zeitraum or La Loupe. Also the new edition of Lawinen – Franz Josef comes from the native Lech, who has dealt very intensively with the history of the Walser and the Arlberg.

For more information about his projects, please see the website of Markus Fetz |


Our new postcards are available at the reception.