One for the Money

by Gerhard Sallmutter

Gerhard has been the bartender of the Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel for over 25 years. With his irresistibly good cocktail creations he enchants our guests in no time. Perfection, honesty & handshake quality are the hallmarks of the native Styrian bartender.

“Together with the delicate glass of Riedel and the crystal clear ice, the so called “One for the money” symbolizes lightness and purity. Why I would go for this drink? I have never had a whole drink because I am afraid to get addicted to it. All kidding aside, we find it unique and it simply tastes good. Having one yourself is probably the best way to find it out” – Gerhard Sallmutter 


Cocchi Americano comes from Asti in Piedmont in Italy and is a wine with quinine, which has a kind of a bitter taste. It was invented around 1890 by a confectioner.

Saint Germain comes from Dijon in Burgundy and is a relatively young spirit.


The “good mood drops” are based on gin, cardamom and saffron.

Clarified Lemon juice