One for the Money

“Together with the delicate glass of Riedel and the crystal clear ice, the drink symbolizes lightness and purity. Why I would go for this drink? I have never had a whole drink because I am afraid to get addicted to it. All kidding aside, we find it unique and it simply tastes good. Having one yourself is probably the best way to find it out”


– Gerhard Sallmutter –

Rote Wand Bar



Cocchi Americano comes from Asti in Piedmont in Italy and is a wine with quinine, which has a kind of a bitter taste. It was invented around 1890 by a confectioner.

Saint Germain comes from Dijon in Burgundy and is a relatively young spirit.


The “good mood drops” are based on gin, cardamom and saffron.

Clarified Lemon juice