Cross-country skiing. The new cool!

Zug Valley – the winterwonderland for cross country skier

The Christmas holidays are drawing to a close and things are getting noticeably quieter throughout Lech Zürs. It is snowing heavily and the temptation to stay in the hotel is great! However, for us it is time to try out our cross-country skies! As they say, there is no bad weather, only bad equipment!

Magdalena, Lisi and I are very curious, as for us it has been the first time this winter that we put on our cross-country skies. After a short check at Marco’s full service at the Hotel Rote Wand, it is time to go to leave the house to get a breath of fresh air. We are glad that we have overcome ourselves to go out. Since the cross-country ski run, which leads through the idyllic valley of Zug, is only a few hundred meters away from the hotel, we decide to put on our cross-country skis right in front of the Rote Wand. Admittedly, the equipment feels very comfortable compared to the normal ski equipment. The cross-country skis are very light, you can hardly feel them. Alma, the beloved dog of the Walch family, is our companion for today’s adventure. She obviously is having a good time and enjoys the winterly atmosphere as much as we do!

Having arrived on the cross-country ski run, we are now heading towards the valley of Zug. Even the first few metres are very relieving, as if you were floating. Again and again, I take a look back to see if everyone is doing well. It is so quiet and peaceful along the trail. The stream flowing next to us has a calming effect – away from the hustle and bustle, away from the party music, just away from all the events. Many cross-country skiers are coming towards us. Some of them take it a bit more comfortable and do it the classic kind of way and some of them are using the skating – track. Alma is right in the middle of it and loves to burn off energy.

The cross-country track towards the Valley of Zug is very flat. Every now and then it goes up and down, which makes the cross-country skiing track rich in variety. The track towards Älpele suits perfectly for beginners and for those who want to take it easy.

The Gasthaus Älpele is situated 5 km away from the hotel. The anticipation for a hot chocolate including a good shot of cream is getting bigger and bigger. After about 45 minutes we have reached the restaurant. Now it’s time for hot chocolate! There is one thing that must not be missing when it comes to coffee – a piece of cake! After only a few minutes the waitress comes back with three huge portions of self-made “Marillenstrudel”. The cake is still warm and the smell of the apricots is very tempting. The coffee as well as the hot chocolate are a real treat – just right for a day like this! I take a look outside the window. Out there it’s blowing a gale and it is snowing even more heavily than before. We are lucky that we have just arrived in time!

An hour later, after we have paid, we make our way back towards Zug. Although it’s quite chilly, we enjoy the fresh mountain air! About half an hour later, we get to the Hotel Rote Wand. The warmth as well as the cosy atmosphere in the hotel invite us to recall the beautiful hours in the winter flurry. We are already looking forward to experiencing more of the 27 km long cross-country ski run!