The Queen’s Tears.

If Karl had known what awaited him behind the ominous door that appears every day on a different floor of the hotel, he might not have taken the key. Now, however, he is already far too deep in the mysterious story of Omnia, the world behind the door. When the ethereal queen Mimosa gives him one of her tears and asks him for help, it is clear: no this is the point of no return. There are obstacles that can hardly be overcome. Fortunately, Karl’s sister Alma and a few strange-looking figures from Omnia join him which is good, because the dread is just around the corner and has only one goal: to stop Karl – no matter what it takes. A captivating story of two worlds that need each other in order to exist.

This is the blurb of “Hotel Mimosa”, the first all-age novel by Martina Strolz from Lech. The independent graphic designer, who runs the Fux restaurant in Lech together with her husband, dedicated the book to her two children. We are very proud that this book has also found its place in our library.


The book is also available at the reception desk.
Enjoy reading!