Autumn is the best time for gourmets and mountain lovers!


Here are the most important ingredients for a great hiking day at the Arlberg:

Put blue sky, gold shimmering mountains and silence in one pot. Then add a pinch of fresh air and sunshine. Just as you like, sturdy shoes and a backpack full of tasty snacks can sweeten the entirety. Oh yes, and please don’t forget to wear sunglasses to make sure you can keep one eye on it.


At the Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel autumn is all about enjoyment.

Autumn is a time for our senses – with its cool winds, golden mountain meadows, its radiant light, the sound of romping ibexes and the feeling of “slowing down”. Autumn is a time that calls for warmth and enjoyment. For warm teas brewed with summer herbs and earthy recipes. And a warming, regional breakfast is not to be missed. Spices like cinnamon, ginger and vanilla refine the taste and let the anticipation of winter grow. Summer herbs such as sage, thyme and rosemary are just the thing to get us through the cold season. Sweet grapes, lush orange pumpkins, juicy apples, red beets or soft pears provide us with numerous vitamins, which our body longs for in this season.



Do you still have any questions about the tour?

It is a long and trying tour and should therefore be done early in the morning and only in good weather. The tour starts at the alp of “Formarin”, next to Austria’s most beautiful place, the “Lake Formarin”. From there you follow the path, which branches off to the left uphill. Soon the path leads you moderately through a wide plain up to Schönbühel. With a bit of luck you will be able to observe one or the other ibex. Continue slightly uphill to the so called “Oberer Johannesjoch”. After a short ascent, you can decide whether you take a chance to the top of the summit “Johanneskopf”, which is 2508m above sea level. However, this is only recommended for the experienced ones. Back on the marked path you will soon reach the so called “Göppinger Hütte” (2,245 m). Follow the path which runs past the alp “Oberes Älpele”. Stay on the path until you get down to the restaurant “Älpele”. From there you can take the bus back to the Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel.

Duration: ca: 6 hours – Distance: 12.48 km – Altitude: ca. 861m – Highest point: 2.508m



Have fun & don’t forget to enjoy!


With warm regards,

Your Rote Wand family