It’s the little things in live…


Christmas is the festival of love and for many people there is nothing better than celebrating Christmas with their loved ones. The sparkle of children’s eyes, atmospheric music, delicious food and a Christmas tree that is artistically decorated – this is what each of us longs for at the time of the year. Many of us are lucky enough to be able to celebrate Christmas like this. Well, some of you will probably think, “why not?” However, in these hectic times, when everything is actually just about the money, you forget that it is not self-evident and that millions of people are cold, hungry and perhaps lonely and sad that evening. We are in the happy position of being born in a place where there is prosperity and peace. It seems terrible to me to think that the vast majority of the world’s population lives in poverty. You could say that life is unfair. I guess it is the fate of life. And yet it is not said that a child who grows up in wealth and who doesn’t even know which of the presents it should open first, is happier and laughs more often than children who do not find a single gift under the Christmas tree. It’s the little things that make us feel good. We humans have forgotten to appreciate and be grateful for the important things in life, the time with family and friends that seem natural to us, but at the same time, make our lives so valuable.


At this point we would like to thank all our employees who cannot spend this special time of the year with their families and yet always have a smile on their faces! Both at the Rote Wand Hotel and at the Chef’s Table at Schualhus – they all make a big effort day by day to make your Rote Wand holiday as special as possible!


We wish you all Merry Christmas, Bon Appétit and a Wonderful Evening with your loved ones!