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The Vision

The Vision


As a member of Friends and Fools, you become part of our vision and the process of bringing it to life.



  • Farm: Cows are great, but you can find them anywhere. That’s why we have sheep and goats.
  • Farmer’s garden: Home of the veggies – think spring onions, red beets, fennel & co.
  • Culinary Lab: Our in-house research department. With high-end appliances for experiments on all things food.
  • Lounge: Coolest hangout where goat cheese, bacon, salami go to mature (and they have all the time in the world).
  • Bakery: The most minimalist café at the Arlberg. Homemade croissants, fresh bread, piping-hot coffee.
  • Cookery School: Place to meet, cook and learn – in workshops with the guiding stars in gastronomy, in keynotes, talks and more.
  • Charcuterie: Where ingredients from our own farm and hunting grounds are turned into finest cold cuts, terrines and patés.
  • Potatoes: Yes, they do grow in the mountains – and taste deliciously alpine!
  • Meadow: This is where our sheep and goat come to revel in alpine herbs, grasses and flowers, resulting in some truly wonderful milk.
  • Fromagerie: Where our goat and sheep’s milk is turned into heavenly cheeses, yogurt, buttermilk and curd.
  • Herbs and Salad: Alpine herbs meet heads of lettuce.
  • Berries: Blueberries, currants, raspberries – and all the sweet and sour berries we can get to stay.
  • Pétanque: “We don’t stop playing because we’re getting older. We’re getting older because we stop playing.”

What’s in it for me, you ask?

  • Discount on hotel rates (1 to 4%, depending on package)
  • Exclusive Early Bird invitations to Friends and Fools events
  • Free access to all our published recipes
  • Free access to our Food & Wine videos
  • Exclusive member events such as cooking events with top chefs and wineries
  • Free annual issue of Friends and Fools Magazine


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