The Walch Family

Hospitality is in the Walchs’ blood. Many of the members of the extended family – comprising eight children – have devoted themselves to the hotel and gastronomy trade.

Along with his wife Natascha, Joschi Walch took over the Rote Wand inn from his parents Josef and Burgi, and extended it to the Gourmet Hotel at the Arlberg. The three kids Magdalena, Josef-Martin as well as Valenting are very much connected to their home and help whenever they are needed.

As manager of the Balmalp, a Lech ski lift establishment, brother Rudi treats you to the best pizza and wok dishes on the whole of the Arlberg. Sister Gitti and her husband Heinz invite you along to enjoy a glass of wine in their Stäfeli B & B and the Achtele restaurant. Incidentally, it is worth stopping off at Gitti’s Allerlei general store, the first and only “shopping centre” in Zug. You can find tasteful presents, pretty accessories and many a culinary highlight.

Where you’ll get to see the Walch Family, too

Sister Gertrud married Herbert from Lech: it is there that they run the Knappaboda B & B and the “Raum und Handwerk” interior decorating company. It takes a bit longer to drive to sister Hillo, on the other hand: together with her husband Karl, she runs the Sporthotel Loisach in Lerhmoos, Tyrol.

Brother Toni has chosen a totally different career: as an ice-hockey coach in Salzburg, his team and he prefer defeating the visitors.

The “gastronomy gene” is definitely visible in the next generation, though: Franz-Josef, the son of Gertrud, is the publican of the Älpele inn in the idyllic Zug valley: as such, he is looking forward to you coming in for some refreshment during an outing, or serving you a romantic evening meal. Burgi, the daughter of Joschi’s sister, runs the newly opened hotel “Burgi’s living” in Zug.

Your best bet would be to experience for yourself the hospitality extended by the Walch family – by visiting the Walch´s Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel, for instance.