Mountain tour to Butzensee Lake

True to the motto “When I see the lake, I no longer need the sea”, we marched last weekend towards the Göppinger Hütte mountain hut, from where we took the Theodor-Praßler-Weg to the bright blue high alpine lake, the Butzensee (2,145 m).

Via Älpele to the Göppinger Hütte

On probably the hottest day of the year, we grabbed our bathing suits, slipped into our hiking boots and started over the Älpele (1,562m) in Zug toward the Göppinger Hütte.

At first, the goods road runs through a densely forested area uphill to the Oberes Älpele. From there, it follows the marked hiking trail up to Laubegg. The hill offers a perfect view down into the Zug Valley, inviting you for your first drink. The trail continues climbing over moderate terrain until you reach the Göppinger Hütte after about two hours.

The Göppinger Hütte

Located on the Gamsboden, a unique high-altitude plateau between the upper Lech Valley and the Great Walser Valley, lying majestically at 2,245 m above sea level – far away from everything. The hut cannot be accessed by any traffic road. Consumer goods and fresh ingredients arrive via a 2.5-kilometre-long goods cable lift, which rises to a hundred metres above the ground and can carry up to 250 kilograms. Up here, there is no pipe for water, electricity or telephones. Electricity is generated from solar cells and fed into batteries.

The Göppinger Hütte is a good starting point for all kinds of day hikes and is suitable for less sure-footed hikers, for families, mountain enthusiasts of an advanced age and for experienced mountaineers and climbers.

Via the Theodor-Praßler-Höhenweg to Butzensee Lake

Anyone wishing to take a closer look at the mountain panorama along the sun-drenched southern slopes of the Braunarlspitze peak and its neighbours should plan plenty of time. For there are one, two, three, four, five,……..mountain peaks rising well over 2,000m into the sky. From the Göppinger Hütte to the saddle of the Butzenspitze mountain, you can expect a good one and a half hours of pure walking. When we reached the saddle, we could already see our destination, Butzensee Lake, from afar in a saddle depression at the foot of the Mohnenfluh mountain. The name “Butzen” refers to the many small springs which have their source in this area.

We had already been on the road for four hours. Anticipation of the imminent jump into the icy cold water grew with every step we took. The walk from the saddle down to the mountain lake takes about thirty minutes.

The jump into the icy cold water

When we arrived at the lake, we first looked for a wind-free spot, where we enjoyed our snack. Then, we slipped into our bathing suits and jumped on one, two, three … and off we went into the bright blue and ice-cold mountain lake! So wonderfully refreshing at over 2,000m!

We stayed at the lake for a few more hours before heading down the Steinmähder area and through the Zugertobel ravine back to Zug. You should allow 4 to 6 hours walking time for the mountain tour. This demanding hike requires a good level of fitness and surefootedness.