News from the Gourmet Manufacture.

What’s christmas without snacking and enjoying? That’s why we want to introduce the delicious organic biscuits from Sabine and Xaver today. These are being produced in the Bio Gourmet Manufacture which is situated in the centre of Vorarlberg. The company is in its early stages, however, Sabine and Xaver are already convincing many gourmets with their different varieties of biscuits. The fact that the biscuits are made with a lot of love and care is obvious at first glance. The environmentally friendly packaging with the labels that immediately catch the eye express exactly what can also be found in it – quality, passion and culinary delights!


Cinnamon | Orange

Cinnamon | Apple

Cheese from the Alps | Pepper


All biscuit variations are prepared with spelt flour, and the couple also makes sure that only organic ingredients such as almonds, oat flakes, honey or berries are added to the dough. And what about sugar and salt? Only in very small quantities, but don’t worry – they taste delicious!


Take a look at our reception because as they say – a day without biscuits is like living without a crown.


Our reception team is looking forward to seeing you!