Side by side.


What could be nicer than growing old together side by side? Burgi and Josef Walch are very fortunate to be able to walk this path together. For unbelievable 60 years they have been married already and the strong cohesion can still be seen even after all these years. Last Sunday the couple had its diamond wedding and celebrated this special day with its family and friends. Burgi and Josef senior can be very proud of what they have achieved in the past years. Chapeau!


In 1959 Burgi and Josef decided to dedicate themselves to hospitality. With much diligence and care, the Rote Wand with its unique charm was developed step by step. Josef was the one that brought the fondue to the Arlberg. Working as a ski instructor during the day, Josef personally took his guests from Lech to Zug in the evening with his own horse-drawn sleigh for a fondue dinner. Burgi cooked for her guests. Some guests still rave about their apple- and curd strudel, but also their Kaiserschmarren is legendary. However the fondue was the most popular one, that is why it is still being proudly served today.


Beside the Rote Wand, the most important part in their lives was their family! Today they are proud parents of 8 children, 19 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. This is why it never gets boring in the Streichbödele and the family cohesion has not been gone over all the years. Burgi and Josef are signposts for their children or as Joschi would call it “their tower of strength “.



Dear Burgi, dear Josef!

We wish you all the best for your future! To many more happy years in love!