Have you already noticed it – the “new” old house opposite? Built in 1780, it housed the Alpine dairy house and Zug’s schoolhouse for a long time. At the same time, naturally. Last summer, we respectfully restored the historic building and gave it a new lease of life: today, the Rote Wand Schualhus invites all those on the look-out for culinary delights in a class of their own to partake in a lesson on regional specialities second to none – in the form of the Rote Wand Jausestuba on the ground floor, the Chef’s Table and the Cookery Workshop on the top floor.

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The Schualhus Jausestuba
It was with places like this in mind that the concept of taking a breather was born: either in the small, exquisite restaurant or outdoors – the cosy yet exclusive ambience of the Jausestuba on the ground floor of the Schualhus invites you to tarry a while and indulge yourself. On hot days, the re-designed village square and its small tables presents the perfect location for a second breakfast, a light lunch or an afternoon snack. Small portions, great taste – that is what it is all about here.

We serve up the best on offer by local farmers. From yoghurt straight from the farm served with compote and granola, through to the local speciality of “Buttermilchschmarrn” with "Hollerkoch", right through to goulash with bread dumplings, you can enjoy all types of delicacies, sweet or savoury, between 11 a.m. and 9.00 p.m. Home-made lemonade, iced tea, fruit juices and many a good drop of wine from the Rote Wand’s very own wine cellar and distilleries from the Vorarlberg region complete the range on offer.

Opening Times winter 2017-2018
daily, 11.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

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Daily Menu

Home-made. To take home.
You are bound to find something suitable amongst our home-made delicacies on offer at the Schualhus to take home as a culinary souvenir for yourself or as a present for those who couldn’t make it. Choose from home-made jams made to Mama Burgi’s original recipes through to home-made syrup and even an exquisite chocolate fondue.

Be seated at the Chef’s Table
The Rote Wand Chef’s Table in Zug’s old schoolhouse comprises a large table both in and around the kitchen. Take a front-row peek in the pots as our chef Max Natmessnig and his cooks Jakob, Daniel, Julian compose, create, cook, dress and serve a meal of between 19 courses made from mainly regional products before your very eyes. Sophie serve up accompanying wines, juices, beers, etc. And this creates a unique, unforgettable gourmet experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the Alps. The table seats 16 guests – please reserve your ticket, or two, three or even several tickets, in the “Gourmet theatre”. Your ticket is only valid on the day you have reserved, and will be debited from your credit card upon reservation. Regrettably, we cannot afford any “no shows” amongst our 16 guests. Each “performance” on Tuesdays to Saturdays starts with an aperitif at 7.30 p.m. at the day bar of the Rote Wand.

Reserve your seat to enjoy 19 exclusive courses,
including all drinks, at the Chef’s Table for €190,- 
at our reception.

(Special offer for guests of our establishment:
only €160,- surcharge in addition to half-board)
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