Holz, Eisen & Butter

There's a new restaurant in the Zuger Tal. Following the opening of the Schualhaus last autumn, the Rote Wand team led by Joschi and Natascha Walch now also offers warm hospitality and delicious cooking in the Zuger Tal’s newest restaurant – the “Holz, Eisen & Butter”.

Opening hours from Monday to Saturday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. ice skating, curling, drinks and on request also food. 

Tel. +43 664 648 74 31

The striking round wooden building right next to the new golf course isn’t hard to find. The restaurant near the golf course is an all-round success, it is just as attractive to hungry and thirsty hikers, walkers seeking enjoyment and anyone just looking for a good meal as it is to the golfers next door. A perfect hub of hospitality for everyone enjoying the summer in Lech and Zug.

The grilled steaks come from dry-aged Austrian beef matured in-house. The Lech farmer’s bread is the perfect rustic accompaniment not only to bacon, but also to avocadoes and caper blossoms.

Along with club burgers and pulled pork on baguettes, potato goulash with Braunschweiger sausage and sour cream is just one fantastic example of what Austrian cuisine has to offer. If you have a sweet tooth, you will love the apricot dumplings, pancakes with homemade apricot jam and hay milk ice  from the bakery in Lech.

Once you can tear your eyes away from the short yet delicious menu, you will find plenty more to enjoy. Sitting on the terrace of the “Holz, Eisen & Butter” is like sitting in a ringside seat above the green fields and newly laid golf course. You are of course also welcome to sit here and bask in the sun with a coffee or other beverage. 

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