Fondue Stuba

It is over half a century ago that the pioneer of culinary delights Josef Walch senior brought the fondue to the Arlberg. Heads of state and many other familiar faces have been picked up at least once in their lifetimes in a horse and carriage by Josef Walch and transported to the Gasthof Rote Wand, where they were treated to the ultimate in fondue indulgement. An evening in our Fondue Stuben continues to enjoy a reputation as a culinary highlight on the Arlberg. The only novelty about a fondue evening in our establishment is the great variety of specialities you can enjoy here in the Rote Wand.

Opening hours: Only Winterseason, Monday to Saturday 6pm-10pm
Until summer season on demand, for groups

Fondue Bourguignonne
The fondue Bourguignonne involves frying in tender pieces of beef fillet in hot oil. This makes the fondue somewhat more nourishing, yet also gives it a more intense flavour – the hot fat with its delicious toasted aromas really brings out the meat’s aroma.  

Fondue Chinoise
The Fondue Chinoise is the queen amongst fondues – since the beef fillet or veal cooked slowly in the spicy bouillon melts on your tongue like butter. A successful and no less tasty alternative presents itself in the form of the fish or vegetable fondue for those who prefer not to eat meat. 

Zug fish fondue
The Zug fish fondue is also a popular choice. Its special feature: we only serve local species of fish such as trout, salmon trout and arctic char. Fresh from Zug fishpond right opposite our establishment, availability depends on the day's catch. 

Vegetarian fondue
No meat? No problem! You don’t have to go without the pleasure of a fondue in the Rote Wand, even if you prefer to enjoy a vegetarian meal. Incidentally: many a committed “carnivore” has lost their appetite for meat when faced with the large selection of fresh vegetables! 

Original cheese fondue
The cheese fondue originally comes from the west Alps. However, the cheese we use for our fondues comes “vo:dô”. One thing is for sure though: the cheese fondue at the Rote Wand is every bit as good as the Swiss original!  

Chocolate fondue
If only everything in life were that easy – the best Bludenz chocolate, fresh fruit and melt-in-your-mouth sponge fingers - that's all it takes to make this tempting, tenderly melting dessert.